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Last updated: June 7th, 2017

Anomitra about meHello, I am Anomitra. I have a keen interest in personal finance and love talking about it. I have no formal training in finance and am almost entirely self-taught, learning from books, magazines, the internet and through my own experiences.

I developed this interest from the time I started my working life in 2003 and have been learning ever since. Back then, my knowledge on finance was limited at best and I had no idea of how to make my money work. I thought that having a high paying job and a big bank balance would be the key to my life’s financial security. My knowledge of investments was limited to bank FDs and traditional life insurance policies.

All that changed quickly as I started reading up about managing one’s finances and learnt about the various ways to invest money and make it grow. Much later, I realized that I needed to change my mindset and attitude towards money. All along I had been working for money, now I had to make my money work for me.

I had been living an unremarkably average life, and had been pretty frustrated at how things were turning out. I decided that in order to live the life of my dreams, I needed freedom, and financial freedom was the key. I could not be worrying about money all the time if had to really live my life.

I thus embarked upon a journey.

My journey to financial independence. I am not quite there at the moment, but right now I aim to enjoy the journey and keep learning along the way.

Through this blog I want to share all that I have learnt. I will be talking about investments, tax savings, how to earn extra income, how I manage my money, tips to save more and everything else that you need to know about personal finance.

So stay with me, share your experiences with me, and do let me know if you have any suggestions. Happy reading.

Oh, and by the way, I have an engineering degree in Telecommunications and work in a large Telecom company. I am a big foodie and love trying out different cuisines. I also love travelling and want to see the world before I am too old. I have a beginner’s interest in photography which I have been unable to pursue so far due to lack of time.

Happy reading once again!

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