How Goal Based Investing can help you Build Wealth

Why do you invest money? To grow your money and earn returns, right?

Have you thought about what you will do with the returns?

Investing money can only be effective if it is tied to a specific goal. Otherwise, the money will get squandered in some expense and you won’t have enough left when you really need it.

This is why, practicing goal based investing is the best way to build wealth.

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How to Save Tax: 57 Best Tax Saving Investments in India in 2019

Last updated: September 4th, 2019

how to save taxEveryone wants to save tax and increase their income.

However, with so many ways to save tax, it is not easy to choose the best tax saving investment.

Consider this scenario:

Varun, an employee in a well known company, wants to save tax on his salary.

His father, a retired government employee, wants him to invest in PPF and bank FDs to save income tax.

The friendly next-door aunty, his mother’s friend and a well wisher, advises him to take a LIC policy. She is a LIC agent herself and she would be able to help him choose the best plan.

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9 Easy and Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

Last updated: April 6th, 2018

make money onlineThe internet is flooded with ways to make money online. Some of them are scams, while some are genuine and legitimate ways to earn money online.

I started my online money making journey back in 2015 with a few simple and small jobs on Fiverr. I made an easy thousand rupees within a few weeks.

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How to invest in mutual funds online in India

Last updated: February 19th, 2018

how to invest in mutual funds online in India

Do you want to invest in mutual funds but don’t know where to start? Well, mutual funds are available online and you can easily start investing in them without any hassles.

I have listed out 5 simple ways you can invest in mutual funds online.

If you have never invested in mutual funds before (or had last invested before 2011), you will have to complete your KYC. Most of the ways listed below also have the option of eKYC, through which your KYC will be done online without much paperwork.

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3 reasons you don’t need Life Insurance

Last updated: July 1st, 2018

don't need Life InsuranceWe have already discussed about the benefits of having a life insurance and who needs a life insurance. Although life insurance is an essential item in any financial plan, not everyone needs it. Sadly, in many cases, life insurances are sold rather than bought. Many insurance agents, masquerading as advisers, mis-sell life insurance products to gullible customers. To protect ourselves from this unethical practice, let’s have a look at who does not need a life insurance.

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5 Benefits and Reasons for buying Life Insurance

Last updated: December 11th, 2017

benefits of life insurance, reasons for buying life insuranceLife insurance is an important and necessary part of our financial plan. We already know that; but what are the benefits of having a life insurance? In case you are still undecided about buying life insurance, a look at this list will help you decide. Let’s see what benefits a life insurance policy can provide.

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Debt Mutual Funds – A better alternative for low risk Investments

Last updated: December 11th, 2017

Debt Mutual Funds types and returnsMutual funds have gained popularity over the last two decades. However, for the average investor, particularly the salaried class, investments in mutual funds have been mostly in equity mutual funds. For lower risk investments, bank FDs have remained the top choice compared to the other type of mutual funds – debt mutual funds.

Debt mutual funds function the same way as equity mutual funds, however, as the name suggests, they invest in various debt and fixed income products. These include various bonds, treasury bills, corporate deposits, government securities and money market instruments.Sounds complicated? Let us limit ourselves by understanding that they lend money to various borrowers and earn interest on the money lent. The borrowers are the Government, which is one of the largest borrowers, and various corporate bodies. These borrowers issue “receipts” for the money they have borrowed, which are called bonds, certificates, securities, etc.

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Who should buy Life Insurance

Last updated: December 11th, 2017

Life Insurance famiy protectionLife is uncertain. No matter who we are or what we do, no one knows what the future holds. Although we all want to live a long life, death is the only certainty in our lives, albeit an unpleasant one. Now imagine, what if we were to die early? When we are still in our working lives, having dependents, mouths to feed, loved ones to care for? Sounds scary, but can we be certain that we won’t? Many people have died early, due to illness, accidents, calamities. We cannot do much about the mental agony and emotional turmoil our loved ones will have to go through, but can we at least secure them financially? Life insurance exists exactly for this purpose.

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Insurance – An overview

Last updated: July 1st, 2018

insuranceWhat is Insurance?

I know most of us already know what insurance is, and probably already have insurance policies. However, just to be sure that we are on a common ground, I will briefly touch upon the subject.

Insurance is a risk cover. It is a fallback source of funds in case of any exigency. An insurance policy is a plan wherein you have to pay a certain amount to get yourself covered financially against the risk. Usually the cover is much higher than what you have to pay. The most common types of insurances are Life, Health and Motor Insurances.

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Where to Invest your Surplus Funds

Last updated: December 11th, 2017

invest surplus funds surplus cashSuppose you come into a substantial amount of cash that you don’t need right away. What do you do with this surplus fund? Being an informed investor, you know that you should invest it. However, with the plethora of investment options available, it can be quite challenging to choose the right investment. After all, you don’t want to lose money or make lower returns, do you? So while you take your time researching your options and deciding upon the best investment, your money sits idle in your bank account, doing nothing.

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